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Welcome to the
East Hoathly & Halland
Community Garden Project

A safe, supportive environment providing a nurturing place for local people who are challenged by

mental health and physical disabilities...

We Believe

Gardening can be an enjoyable medium through which promotes physical, social and emotional health.


What We Offer

This amazing project was started in 2015 to provide a safe and nurturing space for local people, who are challenged by mental health and physical disabilities.

Volunteers are at hand to show those, with a range of disabilities, how to get involved in horticulture and succeed in living a healthier lifestyle.

The project is set up as a CIC (community interest company) , with three volunteer directors and a range of other volunteers from the village.

We have received grants and donations from the community for which we are very grateful, which have enabled us to create the garden.
There will be further needs and opportunities for funds as time goes by.

Our clients include local people living with mental health issues, such as

those recovering from alcohol and drug misuse
people with brain injury
adults and young people living with Autism
other physical or mental challenges.

We also provide veg boxes to the local food bank in Uckfield to ensure a varied and healthy diet for its clients


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