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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most common questions we get asked

and hope yours will be answered here, too


Q: How do I commission this service?

A:  We would love to assist you. Please contact James 


Q: I would like to help, what can I do?

A: We are always looking for donations or volunteers - Please check out our dedicated page and contact us from there


Q: My business would like to support your scheme, whom can I contact to find out more?

A: Corporate Sponsors are very welcome - please use the form below to contact us. 

Q: For what conditions may gardening be helpful?

A: Our clients include local people living with mental health issues, such as
those recovering from alcohol and drug misuse
people with brain injury
Adults and young people living with Autism
other physical or mental challenges.

If you are unsure, whether our service is right for you please do contact us via email!


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