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And it's complete!

Finally - our fabulous fruit cage is in place and fully functioning!

It's a project, which is close to our heart, as we wanted to be able to provide fresh soft fruit to those in need for a long time.

Konzepts kindly sponsors a full plot, which makes a welcome addition to our Community Garden Project. This area was chosen to grow soft fruit, adding welcome healthy and fresh fruit to our vegetable boxes for those in our community, who have fallen on hard times.

Initially we planted strawberries. Unfortunately that did not work so well, as nature (mice and birds) got the better of us...

So, we set out to plan a fruit cage with a long wish list of how it should be constructed to allow access for wheelchair users or those with limited movement ability.

We were over the moon, when Tesco agreed that our project would be just perfect for their 'Bags of Help' support.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Tesco and all those who popped the blue tokens into our part of the collection box. You made it possible for us to build something really special, which will bring joy to many as well as providing some healthy treats!

Thanks to you - and a lot of hard work from our volunteers we are now the proud owners of

a brilliant fruit cage and are even ready to harvest the red currants!

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